Who is E. Stanley Jones?


E. Stanley Jones was an absolutely incredible follower of the Way of Christ. From the time he was converted, to the day he died, Brother Stanley, as we fondly call him, livedby the creed that Jesus is Lord!

Brother Stanley followed God’s will for him his whole adult life long. He had remarkableenergy, a loving way about him, and a wisdom and philosophy completely grounded in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Trust and obedience marked his life.  His testimony and message have influenced generations of Christians all over the world.

During his long and fruitful life, he wrote 29 books, including popular devotionals, such as Abundant Living, that transformed the lives of millions.  He had the ear of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the war years and was instrumental in nearly brokering a peace between Japan and the US.  He knew Mahatma Gandhi, and Brother Stanley’s book about Gandhi’s efforts in non-violent resistance inspired Martin Luther King, Jr. to use that method in the civil rights struggle.

In 1930, Brother Stanley started the first Christian Ashram because he recognized the need for accountability, fellowship and discipleship from fellow Christians.  He found that the Ashram afforded people the chance to grow spiritually.  And over time many nurturing and wise traditions grew up out of this experiment in actually living “in the Kingdom of God.”  The key to this inner strength and victory was the spiritual truth found only and paradoxically through self-surrender to a loving God.

For more information on the fascinating life of E. Stanley Jones, sometimes referred to as the greatest Christian missionary since Saint Paul, go to the United Christian Ashrams website.

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What is Conversion? Brother Stanley explains the three hallmarks of conversion:  a new direction, a new spirit, and a new sphere of living.

Worry -- Anxiety -- Fear Brother Stanley reminds us that worry, anxiety, and fear need not have control of our lives.

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