What is a Christian Ashram?


A Christian Ashram is an amazing adventure in corporate, disciplined Christian living. It seeks to balance devotional practice, study, worship, and services in a committed life together.

The United Christian Ashram movement was started by Dr. E. Stanley Jones, missionary to India and world wide evangelist. Ashram is a Sanskrit word meaning “retreat from hard work.” Brother Stanley took the form of the ancient Ashram and gave it Christian content, putting Christ at the core of the Ashram.

With Jesus as the center of the Christian Ashram, all who attend are brothers and sisters in Christ. Around Him, we build a joyful family of love and mutual caring. From Him flows newness of life, renewal of spirit and a desire to witness wherever we live and work and serve.

Started in India in 1930, Christian Ashrams have enriched the lives of untold numbers of people all over the world. Christians gather across generational, denominational, racial and cultural lines to practice living together in love. The aim of the Christian Ashram is to be “the Kingdom of God in miniature.” The Ashram is a place where we can break down all barriers and begin to live fully transformed lives. We come as we are. Webecome all that God has had in mind for us to be.